Sure. Printing is still ink on paper but what a difference a machine can make!

Both of our key presses are designed with one-pass technology, allowing us the most efficient use of time while reducing waste. Our Heidelberg 4 color was purchased new in 1999 and has the ability to run 4c/0 or up to 2c/2c in a single pass. Our newest press addition, a Heidelberg 10 color, was purchased new in February 2003! With all the most recent advancements available in a printing presses today, this press can run 10c/0 or up to 5c/5c in a single pass.

Additionally, the 10 color has the option to run as either sheet-fed with precut sheets or as a web with the Cutstar Roll Feeder option.

Other features unique to these presses are:
  • Automatic plate loading
  • Perfecting (printing on both sides in one pass)
  • Variosystem (Hickey eliminator)
  • Grafix water and ink balance stabilizers
  • Duo-Spray
All of these features work in concert in the pursuit of perfect printing.

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