The Prepress department is the heart of our company. The speed of producing proofs and plating is truly amazing. In many cases, our proofs are done the same day. With high-speed computer direct plating, plates are usually made the same day of proof approval and printing often done the next day.

With many Mac & PC workstations and two computer-to-plate (CtP) devices, jobs are quickly moved from start to finish. Workflow integrity is maintained by numerous redundant uninterruptible power supplies & software backups. Digital equipment is color calibrated to match the printing presses, insuring that we can consistently deliver dependable color.

The technicians in the digital department are highly trained and very experienced with all forms of graphic media. We are an authorized Adobe site, with all the latest industry-standard programs at our disposal.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and the method of getting your message in print. In many cases we can save you time and money by helping educate you in the most modern techniques.

We output directly from major Macintosh/PC applications:
  • Page Layout:
    • Adobe Pagemaker
    • Adobe InDesign
    • QuarkXPress
    • Macromedia Freehand
    • CorelDraw (8 & above)
    • MS Publisher 2000
    • PDF and PS files
  • Vector Formats - Pantones that are to print process, should be specified as such before saving to these formats. When possible, convert text to paths (outlines).
    • EPS (don't link EPS files inside of other EPS files, this will occasionally cause problems)
    • DCS (version 2 recommended)
    • AI
  • Bitmap Formats - At printed size, bitmaps should be twice linescreen (which is normally 175 lpi), or for most jobs 350 dpi. While text should not be part of bitmaps, when this is necessary images should be 600 dpi. Lineart should be at 1200 dpi. In almost all cases, exceeding these will not help your image look better, and will only increase file size and processing time.
    • TIFF
    • EPS
    • DCS (version 2 recommended)
    • AI (not recommended, embedded bitmaps will cause file size to balloon)
    • JPEG (not recommended for 4c work)
If you are working in programs other than these, please contact us regarding compatibility.

We never work directly off orginal media. Media sent to us is considered to be our original files. When there are questions about your pages we will refer back to the original media. We will hold your data disks until job has been completely printed/shipped. Please do not send us the ONLY copy of your files, we will NOT be responsible for erased or lost media due to shipping.
  • 650MB-2.6GB 5.25-inch MO
  • 120 Super Disk
  • CD
  • ZIP (100MB, 250MB, 750MB)
  • JAZ (1GB/2GB)
  • DVD
  • 1.44" diskettes

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