On the following pages you will find information on how to name your files, how to convert your files from popular page layout programs into PS (postscript) or PDF (portable document format) files, how to submit files (with prior approval) to us via ftp, and email.

Naming Conventions
File Conversion
FTP Submission
Email Submission
Spine Width Calculation


  • Build pages at final size and extend bleed beyond page edge by at least 1/8 inch.
  • Supply stylized font versions, but DO NOT stylize basic fonts (ie supply Times Italic, but don't italicize Times)
  • Include all fonts used in document (screen and printer, or true types).
  • Include ALL linked images/scans, logos/artwork, ect.
  • Do not nest EPS files, in other EPS files.
  • All images/scans must be in CMYK mode (not RGB, or EPS jpg)
  • Four-color total ink density should be at or below 300%.
  • Rich black should be approximately 60% C, 40% M, 40% Y, and 100% K
  • All PDF, Postscript files must be centered vertically and horizontally on the files pasteboard area. Include bleeds.
  • Layout books and magazines in sequential order (ie 1,2,3,...)
    • Single page image area should be trim
    • Supply hard copy proofs that match each supplied digital file
    • Supply composite printouts with colors clearly marked
  • When using spot color in your project. Make sure that the Pantone colors used are NAMED EXACTLY the SAME in the import files as they are in the layout program.

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