Printing Press FeaturesThere have been innumerable changes in the printing industry. And while printing is still ink on paper, what a difference a machine can make!

Our 4-color, 40 Heidelberg SpeedMaster, was purchased new in March 1999. This press is able to run up to 4/0 or 2/2 in a single pass. This one-pass technology, allows the most efficient use of time while reducing waste.

A 40 Heidelberg SpeedMaster 10-color, purchased new in February 2003 also has one-pass technology, running up to 10/0 or 5/5 in a single pass. This press offers another exciting option: It can be run as either a sheet-fed press with precut sheets or as a web from roll stock running on the Cutstar Roll Feeder.

A 20 Heidelberg PrintMaster 4-color, purchased new in December 2005 is capable of running up to 4/0 in a single pass. This press offers the ability to print on many unconventional substrates, like envelopes.

A 20 Kodak NexPress 2100 Plus, purchased new in December 2005 is a completely digital printing solution. Capable of changing the image being printed 100% between sheets, it is one of the industries most capable variable data printing press.

10 Color Press with Roll Feeder

Our Heidelberg presses feature:
  • Automatic plate loading
  • Variosystem (hickey eliminator)
  • Grafix water & ink balance stabilizers
  • Duo-spray
As well, we have 19 Heidelberg QuickMaster. This 2-color press is perfect for producing lower quantity standard letterhead, envelopes, business forms, newsletters, business cards, and similar type projects.

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