Digital Prepress

In 2000, we eliminated our capacity to generate traditional films in house, making us a fully computer to plate facility. The PrePress Department is the very heart of our company. The speed technology has offered in producing proofs and plates is nothing short of amazing! In many cases proofs are ready the same day as the job was received. High-speed and accurate, computer to plating direct allows plates to often be made within hours of proof approval.

We maintain the integrity of our digital workflow with the use of multiple redundant uninterruptible power supplies and software backups. Digital equipment is process color calibrated to match the printing presses, insuring that we can consistently deliver dependable color.

As an authorized Adobe Service Provider site, all the latest industry-standard programs are at our disposal. Our technicians are highly knowledgeable and experienced in all forms of graphic media. We welcome your questions and have found that we can often save you time & money by helping to educate you in the most recent techniques.

Now, while all the digital prepress technology is fast & fascinating, we know that not everyone has made the transition. We can still accept your films if required however market and technology trends point strongly to the eventual elimination of the more labor and material intensive traditional methods. Therefore we strongly encourage clients to continue to learn and refine your computer skills and program knowledge. If you are interested in our suggestion of what program(s) might be best for you to learn based on the type of products you create and the equipment you have, please contact a digital technician.

Adobe Authorized Service ProviderFILE FORMATS

We output directly from major Macintosh/PC applications:
  • Page Layout & Graphics:
    • Adobe InDesign
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Pagemaker
    • QuarkXPress
    • Macromedia Freehand
    • CorelDraw
    • MS Publisher
    • PDF and PS files
  • Vector Formats - Pantones that are to print process, should be specified as such before saving to these formats. When possible, convert text to paths (outlines).
    • EPS (don't link EPS files inside of other EPS files, this will occasionally cause problems)
    • DCS (version 2 recommended)
    • AI
  • Bitmap Formats - At printed size, bitmaps should be twice linescreen (which is normally 175 to 200 lpi), or for most jobs 350 dpi. While text should not be part of bitmaps, when this is necessary images should be 600 dpi. In almost all cases, exceeding these will not help your image look better, and will only increase file size and processing time.
    • TIFF
    • EPS
    • DCS (version 2 recommended)
    • AI (not recommended, embedded bitmaps will cause file size to balloon)
    • JPEG (not recommended for 4c work)
If you are working in programs other than these, please contact us regarding compatibility.

  • CD±R(W)
  • DVD±R(W)
  • ZIP (100MB, 250MB, 750MB)
  • 1.44" Floppy diskettes
  • Call if requiring the use of other or legacy media formats.


Provided there are no problems with your files a proof will generally be ready for you within one to two business days. For customers outside of the San Antonio area, proofs will be sent via UPS overnight letter unless otherwise requested by the client. Please inquire if you need Saturday delivery or if your proof destination is outside the contiguous United States (extra fees may be applicable).

A proof affords you the opportunity to view your project prior to printing and to make changes/corrections far more inexpensively than after the project is printed. Proofs will be sent in their finished state. In other words, a book would arrive to you in book order, a folded piece will be folded as the final piece would be; however, a large flat piece such as a poster, may be folded down to fit in the package. Be certain to look carefully at order and folds in addition to overall content including art, fonts, text wrap, etc.

Since proofing paper assembled by hand is somewhat different than printing paper, ink and machine finishing, one should expect some minor variances might occur.

Once you have reviewed your proof, notify your sales representative or a commercial coordinator with any concerns you might have. We ask that all approvals be submitted in writing either by email or fax or by signing the actual proof. Mark any alterations, corrections or concerns clearly on the proof (Sharpie Permanent Markers work best) and tag them for easy finding. A written summary of these areas is also very helpful. You will be notified of correction/alteration charges that exceed a total of $50.

We recommend that you proof your ENTIRE PROJECT even if only a few changes are being made. Rest assured, if the error you find on your proof is our error, there will be no charge to correct it at that stage. However, once we obtain your approval, you accept the content as viewed in your proof. PLEASE CHECK YOUR PROOFS CAREFULLY AND COMPLETELY!

When submitting replacement files please make note of WHAT SPECIFICALLY is changing, because sometimes changes are so minor. By knowing specifically what the change is, we can verify that updates have been accurately made and the new file is correct. Be aware that alterations may interfere with originally anticipated completion dates.

We request that all proofs be returned to us for use throughout production. Proofs are an essential guide to aid us in ensuring your finished product resembles what you approved.

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