Saddle BinderFor bound jobs, we offer many options in house: Saddle binding, Perfect binding (often referred to as square binding or glue binding), Plastic Coil binding, and GBC (Plastic Comb) binding.

The saddle binder, a Muller Martini Bravo T, has 8 pockets plus a cover feeder, in-line trimmer and stacker. A maximum of 80 50# offset pages can be saddlebound.

Our perfect binder, a Muller Martini Tigra, boasts 20 pockets + cover feeder, in-line trimmer and stacker. The minimum thickness for a perfect bound book is 1/8, while the comfortable maximum is 1-1/2. Click here to calculate a spine width.
Perfect Binder

The Spiel Associates Sterling Punchmaster is a piece of bindery equipment that is the paragon of punching speed and versatility. It will punch paper faster than any punch on the market. It makes quick work of preparing your job for plastic coil or plastic combs.

The Spiel Associates Sterling Coilmaker is a makes the plastic coils by feeding a plastic filament and forming it into a coil shape which is then inserted into your book and crimped to secure it.

For other binding options, we work with a number of outsides sources or we can deliver printed pieces to a bindery of your choice.

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