Frequently Asked Questions

  • I obtained a formal quote. How long is it good for?
    Quotes are honored for 30 calendar days.

  • Do you offer press checks?
    Yes. A customer may request a press check. It is best to know this when a job is first being entered. Let your commercial coordinator know how to get hold of you during the day, and how much time you will need to know in advance of a press check time.

  • What are your bleed requirements?
    We require a minimum of 1/16” and preferably 1/8” additional image for bleed area.

  • What if I have films? Can you use those?
    We can currently use supplied films. Some additional charges may be incurred. Please consult a commercial coordinator for more information.

  • Can Brenner Printing & Mailing output film or shoot traditional litho films?
    No. We are no longer able to output films in house, nor do we have the ability to shoot films from a litho camera any longer. We are a computer to plate facility. If films are required, we have to send them to an outside source and additional charges would apply.

  • If I provide a print out from my own printer, will you match it?
    Due to the wide variances in output devices including inkjet and laser printers (which are generally RGB based), the likely answer is no. Even previously printed pieces produced from another file or another commercial printer can vary. Using standard densities, we reach an overall pleasing color using supplied hard copy only as a guide. We suggest that you receive a proof we’ve generated from your file off one of our color calibrated proofing devices for the closest comparison to end results. Keep in mind however that paper finishes and hues can have an effect on color that our proof cannot simulate.

  • What about proofing PMS colors?
    Our proofing devices, as most, do not accurately depict PMS shades. You may wish to press check jobs running PMS inks to ensure your overall satisfaction with the density of the color chosen.

  • Are there any restrictions on cover material for perfect bound books?
    Thicker stocks on thinner perfect bound books can be ordered, however there are additional charges. As a guideline, these following cover stocks will be the accepted maximum thickness for use without incurring additional binding charges:

    Anticipated Maximum Book Thickness Cover Weight
    1/8" up to 1/4" - 10 point
    1/4" up to 3/8" - 12 point
    3/8" up to 1.5" - 15 point

    If your project requires thicker than our maximum stocks, please inquire with a comic representative for additional charges.

  • Once I've reviewed my proof, what next?
    A written approval or explanation of alterations/changes needs to be emailed or faxed and then return your proof to us.

    If there are changes:

    • In addition to the written explanation of alterations/changes, mark them up in your book, tag pages, make it obvious what is to be altered or fixed & return your proof as soon as possible to avoid production delays. State if you will require an additional proof be sent to you, if we should check changes here (again, make changes obvious so we can see specifically that the correct things are updated) or if you can approve changes via fax.
    If there are no changes:
    • GREAT! Still give us written approval & return your proof.

  • Why must I send my proof back once I've reviewed it?
    We use your proof as a reference throughout production! Your proof, once approved, is what we go by as a guide. If you had changes, it's a way for us to verify updates have been properly made!

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