Job Submission

Projects may be submitted to our office address:

Attention: Commercial
Brenner Printing & Mailing
1234 Triplett
San Antonio, TX 78216

We suggest you send jobs via a trackable method (vs. snail mail) such as courier, UPS, Fed Ex or overnight postal.

Your jobs can be submitted over the email or through our FTP site. Please let your sales representative or coordinator know in advance that you will be submitting your job this way.

For local customers, please feel free to drop your jobs by personally. If you are running short of time or need sales help, make an appointment with a sales representative.

Regardless of how you submit your job, it is most helpful to provide a hardcopy mockup or previously printed sample.

First time customers, please make sure to include all contact information as well as all appropriate resale forms if requesting sales tax exemption.

Please contact a representative for further information and inquiries.

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