Printing Press FeaturesPeople often ask "How many pages can you print at a time?" Our presses are some of the finest offset printing presses in the industry. Both 40" Heidelberg SpeedMaster presses are equipped with one-pass technology, thereby allowing us to print up to 16 pages in a single pass on most standard size and magazine size comic publications.

Each of these 16 page passes is referred to as a "section". Therefore a 48-page comic contains 3 sections. Each section is tagged by job number, title and section number, for easy reference on both the flat and folded section. For more information regarding sections, check under Binding.

10 Color Press with Roll Feeder

Offset printing of comics is well suited for all types of artwork. All printing is produced on our Heidelberg offset presses. While books must have interior pages divisible by 4, interior pages should be divisible by 8 for the most efficient pricing (16, 24, 32, etc).

As of May 2005, we no longer offer newsprint interior pages. The least expensive interior stock option for black print that we recommend is 50# offset. We apologize for any inconvenience that may be caused by the discontinuation of this stock.

For more specific information on our Heidelberg presses, view our equipment list Our Facility or click on Press under the Commercial segment of this site.

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