Digital Prepress

All jobs, whether they arrive in the preferred digital format or in traditional art boards, start their journey through production in the digital prepress department.

Since 2000, we operate solely as a computer to plate facility. Since the market trend is to weed out the slower, manual forms of prepress production, we encourage you to continue to learn & refine your computer skills! For those of you who just prefer films, there are still options (however more costly). We even have contacts who can take existing films and turn them into a digital format.

The least expensive and quickest way for a project to get through prepress is to be submitted in a proper digital format. And don't forget, sending us a hardcopy mockup of your project is extremely helpful!

Adobe Authorized Service ProviderFILE FORMATS

We output directly from major Macintosh/PC applications:
  • Page Layout:
    • Adobe Pagemaker
    • Adobe InDesign
    • QuarkXPress
    • Macromedia Freehand
    • CorelDraw (8 & above)
    • MS Publisher 2000
    • PDF and PS files
  • Vector Formats - Pantones that are to print process, should be specified as such before saving to these formats. When possible, convert text to paths (outlines).
    • EPS (don't link EPS files inside of other EPS files, this will occasionally cause problems)
    • DCS (version 2 recommended)
    • AI
  • Bitmap Formats - At printed size, bitmaps should be twice linescreen (which is normally 175 lpi), or for most jobs 350 dpi. While text should not be part of bitmaps, when this is necessary images should be 600 dpi. In almost all cases, exceeding these will not help your image look better, and will only increase file size and processing time.
    • TIFF
    • EPS
    • DCS (version 2 recommended)
    • AI (not recommended, embedded bitmaps will cause file size to balloon)
    • JPEG (not recommended for 4c work)
If you are working in programs other than these, please contact us regarding compatibility.

  • 650MB-2.6GB 5.25-inch MO
  • 120 Super Disk
  • CD-Rom
  • ZIP (100MB, 250MB, 750MB)
  • JAZ (1GB/2GB)
  • DVD
  • 1.44" diskettes
For those who don't have the capability to get art boards into a digital format, for whatever reason, we are able to scan boards. As well, upon completion of your project you would be supplied with a CD containing the digital files for future use.


Provided there are no problems with your files a proof, unless waived, will generally be ready to send out to you within 2 full business days. Proofs will ship via UPS overnight letter. Please inquire if you need Saturday delivery or if your destination is outside the contiguous United States.

A proof affords you the opportunity to view your project prior to printing and make changes/corrections far more inexpensively than after the book is bound! These proofs are prepared by a digital proofing device. Since proofing paper assembled by hand is somewhat different than printing paper, ink and machine production, one should expect that some variances might occur. Proofs are a fine opportunity to view pagination, to see your product in "book form" and perhaps catch things that you didn't originally spot, and to ensure that your files ripped through our system and output as you expected.

Once you've reviewed your proof notify one of our comic representatives with any concerns you may have. We ask that all approvals be submitted in writing either by email or fax. As well, any corrections or alterations should be well marked on the actual proof (Sharpie Permanent Markers work best) and tagged for easy finding. You will be notified of correction/alteration charges that exceed $50.

Rest assured, if the error you find on your proof is ours, there is no charge to correct it at that stage. However once we obtain your approval, you accept the content as viewed in your proof. PLEASE CHECK YOUR PROOFS CAREFULLY!!

Depending on what the changes might be and how your files are set up, we may be able to make the fixes here. However not all files are editable and you may be required to submit replacement files. Whenever you submit replacement files, please note WHAT SPECIFICALLY the change is...because sometimes the changes are so minor! By knowing specifically what the change is, we can verify that updates have been made & the new file is correct.

Extensive changes may require that a full additional proof is sent back out to you. Be aware that this often this may interfere with the originally anticipated completion date.

Minor changes can often be viewed via fax or simply internally checked here with your permission or guidance over the phone. Minor alterations and changes rarely interfere with originally anticipated completion dates.

WHILE WE PREFER THAT ALL PROOFS BE RETURNED...ANY PROOF THAT HAS A CHANGE MUST BE RETURNED unless otherwise worked out with a comic representative. The proof that you've approved is referenced throughout printing & binding and is an essential guide to aid us in ensuring the job is what you expect.

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