Saddle BinderWe have two binding types available in house: Saddle or Perfect.

Saddle binding refers to a book that is stapled in the fold of the spine. This is the most common type of binding on books from 8 pages to 64 pages. However saddle binding can be used on standard comic sizes up to 96 pages with newsprint interiors or up to 80 pages on 50# offset interiors.

Books that are saddle bound are produced with sections that sit one INSIDE of the other. For instance you have a 48-page book...section one would contain pages 1-8 & 41-48, section 2 would contain pages 9-16 & 33-40, section 3 would contain pages 17-32.

Perfect binding (often referred to as square binding) is a glued binding most often done on graphic novels from 48 pages on up. The minimum thickness of a perfect bound book is 1/8" while the comfortable maximum is 1-1/2".

Click here to calculate a spine width.

Please note: Thicker stocks on thinner perfect bound books can be ordered, however there are additional charges. As a guideline, these following cover stocks will be the accepted maximum thickness for use without incurring additional binding charges:

Anticipated Maximum Book Thickness Cover Weight
1/8" up to 1/4" - 10 point
1/4" up to 3/8" - 12 point
3/8" up to 1.5" - 15 point

If your project requires thicker than our maximum stocks, please inquire with a comic representative for additional charges.

Perfect Binder Books that are perfect bound are produced with sections that sit one ON TOP of the other. Therefore using the 48-page example above, the sections would instead look like this: Section 1 would contain pages 1-16, section 2 would contain 17-32 and section 3 would contain 33-48.

While we do not handle hard case binding in-house we work with a number of bindery houses that provide such service, as well as other binding options. We will gladly print all the pieces for a hard case or specialty bound book then coordinate its completion with one of our vendors. These processes do increase the standard turn time. Should you be in need of such a book, please inquire as to anticipated production schedules.

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