Sample Packs

We keep a limited number of samples on hand. If you are interested in seeing print quality, binding examples or standard stock options, we can suggest a number of titles, based on what you are looking for, that you might be able to view at a comic store near you. If you would like a variety of examples for comparison sake, or don't have access to titles we've printed at your local comic store, you may request a sample pack.

A typical sample pack will contain both saddle bound (stapled) and PUR bound (glued) samples featuring a number of standard stocks such as 50# offset, 50# gloss, 80# gloss text cover & 10 point cover as well as both black and 4-color process offset printing.

As of May 2005, we no longer offer newsprint interiors. If you purchased a sample pack in the months prior to this date, newsprint interior samples were likely included. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the discontinuation of this stock.

For fee of $15.00 a sample pack will be sent via 2-day UPS letter to a single destination in the contiguous United States. This fee is fully refundable, in the form of a job credit, if you complete a print job with us within 6 months of the date we ship your package. No reminder required; your account will be noted & the job credit automatically applied!

To order a sample pack, please contact a comic representative concerning manner of payment (credit card is quickest: we accept Master Card, Visa, American Express or Discover). Please email or fax the physical address to which your sample pack is to be sent.

If you are considering options that are not "standard" such as different stocks or coatings please inform us at the time you are ordering your sample pack. We'd be happy to include samples of those items, if available, at no additional charge.

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